• mom: can you do me a favor?
  • me: will you pay me?
  • mom: why do i have to pay you to do me a favor?
  • me: Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is Alchemy's First Law of Equivalent Exchange.

Just because someone likes the Lolita style of clothing does not mean they are perpetuating the ddlg lifestyle. It is a fashion type and that is all. You can like both, you can like Lolita clothes and not like ddlg, you can like ddlg and not lolita


Dear eternalia,

Thank you for your comment.   But regarding your first sentence above, that’s not what I said nor implied.

I appreciate everyone’s ideas to like what they like and offer no judgement on anyone else’s likes or fashions or kinks or what have you.  To each his own.  I am no one’s judge.

You can like both, or neither, or one, or the other - it’s no difference to me.

However, a picture of a girl in pigtails wearing a My Little Pony shirt is NOT Lolita fashion.  And that I reblogged such an image on a DD/lg site - that is not a mistake.  Had I relogged a picture of Lolita fashion and CLAIMED that as DD/lg, that would be odd, but still within my rights.

Do I have the right to reblog images? Absolutely.  Tumblr TOS gives me that right.  I can even reblog a picture of Lolita fashion and say “UNF” if I want to. It’s my blog.  You don’t want your pictures reblogged? Get them the hell off tumblr then!

If someone asks me to remove an image that belongs to him or her, I will most definitely take it down, as I have no quarrel with anyone, and I respect the rights of others regarding their imagery.  And I did so courteously.

Now enough of this bickering.  We don’t judge Lolita fashion on our blogs. However, the Lolita fashion world seems to judge us in the DD/lg world.

I kindly ask you to refrain from commenting on things which you wish to judge and have very little, if any, understanding of.

For my next project, DD/lg image set of girls wearing Lolita fashion.  

If you don’t want to pay attention to my blog, then don’t. I will blog as I wish.

- Daddy Vinnie


guys who look good with or without glasses


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